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How to check whether your phone is genuine in Kenya

In Kenya, you can now easily identify whether the phone you hold or are about to buy is genuine or counterfeit. This is through a simple two-step process under a new Mobile Messaging verification service. The verification service, issued by the Kenyan Communications Authority, is free of charge and is meant to boost the fight against counterfeit devices in the country.

How to check whether your phone is genuine

To check if your phone is genuine, dial *#06# on the mobile phone in order to get the International Mobile Equipment Identifier number, also known as IMEI number.

When you get the IMEI number, send it as an SMS text message to 1555 in order to receive the details of the mobile phone including the make and model. These should enable you to identify whether they match the phone you are holding or not.

If the details displayed do not match, then the mobile phone used to send the SMS or intended to be purchased is not genuine.

Counterfeit devices and their threats

The public is advised to use the service in detecting counterfeit devices as these pose a huge threat to personal and national security in addition to facilitating poor quality of service.

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How to check whether your phone is genuine in Kenya
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