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Artificial intelligence and dating: how AI affects your choice of partner

The world of online dating has transformed romance in many ways. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to make a serious impact on the world of online romance. AI systems are thriving on dating sites like, improving the way we find our soul mates.

Here are some ways that AI is going to change the way you find love in the future.

Artificial intelligence as the perfect love coach

The first way that AI is going to impact the world of romance is by helping to train people in the art of love. There are so many people out there who can only be described as clueless when it comes to romance. Whether you haven’t watched enough movies or interacted with enough people, it’s clear when someone has no idea how to approach a relationship.

Yet, artificial intelligence is appearing on dating services in the form of chat-bots. Not only will they help a person get used to flirting and chatting with someone, but they could also help you learn about good dating habits. An AI could train a person in proper responses to inquiries and comments that allow them to grow their potential as a romantic partner.

That way, guys will learn how to not scare off a woman by making an inappropriate comment, and women can recognize when a man is giving off signs he is interested in her. These are a few of the potential ways that AI can be utilized to make people better at love before they even try dating in the world of online romance.

How artificial intelligence works on dating sites

There are several different ways that AI can interact with dating sites. As AI continues to grow more popular and potent, it will have various impacts over time. In the present, though, it’s highly likely that AI will be working behind the scenes to help people find their partners.

A limited form of AI is currently in use on many dating services with the singular goal of helping to connect individuals on the site with a good match. There are so many dimensions to a person’s romantic lifestyle that it can be very difficult for them to know what they’re seeking or what would make a good match for them.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to study a person’s profile and then apply that information to a matchmaking service, and some can even learn from the dates that didn’t work out well the last time! These AI can only do so much, though. However, they are getting better all the time. Chat-bots are another application that we’ve already covered in relation to AI.

Other available tools are facial recognition match making, where you can find someone with specific looks and features with a single click. This tool is usually limited to some of the high-end sites.  AI is going to take on a bigger role in the future, and everyone should prepare for it now.

The future development of AI in the online dating industry

As always, it’s necessary to examine the future to see what impacts new technology will have on romances. The single most important development is going to be an end to the swiping phenomenon. Quite simply, there will no longer be a need for people to seek out partners on their own.

A future dating service with integrated AI will consult the users’ profile and then decide as to whether another user’s profile is compatible. If so, then it will send out a message to the profile owner and they can decide what to do. Another major development to be expected with AI in dating is a program that learns from the user. It’ll watch your social media interactions and conversations with people to learn more about your personality, and then it will use that data to help make matches.

Some people call this a very invasive form of technology, and they’re not wrong. Yet, if you are going to have a product making romantic efforts on your behalf, then it will have to understand your needs and desires on more than a superficial level.

The world of online dating will undergo significant and rapid changes shortly. More and more dating services are going to integrate artificial intelligence into their design. That will change online dating from the user-driven experience that it is today into a process that requires relatively little input from the user.

On the other hand, there are some privacy concerns that have to be brought up and dispelled before people start buying into this form of dating. The same push-back was experienced with online dating in its earliest forms, though. The bottom line is that dating should become easier and more successful in the very near future.

Artificial intelligence and dating: how AI affects your choice of partner
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