Ugandan startup named African venture of the week

Kijani Eco-solutions, a social enterprise based in Kampala, Uganda has been named African Venture of the Week by GrowthAfrica — a leading African impact startup accelerator and business and market consulting company.

The development was revealed Tuesday by GrowthAfrica though the information posted on their LinkedIn page doesn’t reflect which parameters were considered to come to that conclusion.


Founded 6 years ago by Valerie and her husband Muigai, Kijani was started to produce cost-saving and environmental friendly diapers, says the information on their website.

The idea was birthed when the couple, on producing their first baby, wanted to minimize expenses on it.

In the process, the website says, the couple discovered modern cloth diapers, and because of their health, environmental and economic benefits, Valerie decided to learn how to make the diapers.

Armed with the skills, she got to work and they have since produced thousands of diapers which have been sold within the country and exported to various nations around the world, including the United States of America, reads information Kijani website.

Having worked in international development in East Africa for 9 years, say the website, “Valerie recognized that most women don’t want a handout, they want an opportunity to create a good life for themselves are their children.”

To provide a solution to that, Valerie has expanded her startup and she now employs 13 Ugandan women, and, according to the website, “Kijani is currently in the process of organizing a scholarship program to provide tailoring scholarships to vulnerable women, who can then be employed by Kijani upon completion of their course.”

Aside from diapers, Kijani makes a variety of other biotechnology-based products, including neutral degreasers, stable enzymatic products and stable bacterial products.

Key notes about Kijani products

-All of their products are handmade by Ugandan mothers.

-Their diapers are made with a combination of high quality diaper fabrics and gorgeous local African fabrics, resulting in a unique look that you won’t find anywhere else, says the company website.

-Because the fabrics available locally are always changing, says the website, most of their prints are limited edition, giving a baby a one of a kind look that can’t be imitated.

– They also say that their unique, all-natural products enable one to give their baby the very best while empowering a Ugandan mama to do the same for her baby.


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