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Apply for the Next Generation Africa 21-22 accelerator project

Next Generation Africa 21-22 is the accelerator project for African startups, innovators, makers, and young talents who intend to develop products or services with high potential impact driving the local economy. The 20 startups selected by Startup Africa Roadtrip will be supported with a unique Bootcamp week in Kampala, Uganda from 1st to 5th of November 2021.

Mentors and experts are ready to give the unique boost and mentorship to the final startups to take off in the market. From networking to learning and prototyping, this is the opportunity to experience a 360° journey that aims to enrich your team not only professionally but humanly as well.

Next Generation Africa 21-22 Themes

Startups in the following industries can apply:

  • Sustainable Economy & Mobility: Waste-tech solutions, carbon-free mobility, urban mobility management
  • Healthcare: Medical devices, drugs development, telemedicine, wellness, health-data, diagnostics, care management, nutrition
  • ICT & Fintech: B2B SaaS, payments, B2B and B2C lending
  • Agribusiness & Agritech: New farming systems, alternative feed supplies, new foods, agri-data business for monitoring and/or planning, new tools for farming and breeding
  • Education: Learning platforms, education financing, tutoring/teaching marketplaces
  • Tourism & Hospitality: Travel/experiences marketplaces, pricing optimization solutions, co-working, co-housing, prop-tech

Which Startups can apply for the Next Generation Africa 21-22?

The startup can be based anywhere in the African continent but its product/service must have potential application/scalability in the East African region (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan).

The average age of the team should be 25 years old. Plus, the project should fit in one of the 6 social-impact topics listed above.

Click the link here to apply for the program.

Startup Africa Road Trip 2021 Calendar

SCOUTING End of the call on the 3rd of September 2021
Selection of the 20 Startups from the East Africa landscape to bring to the final sprint
SELECTION Study and profile startups and create networking opportunities
ONBOARDING Introduce methodology and prepare startups to the boot camp in Kampala
BOOTCAMP An intense journey of learning by doing and fruitful encounters (1st – 5th of November)
ITALY ROADSHOW Bringing startups overseas and show what you got to the European ecosystem


Apply for the Next Generation Africa 21-22 accelerator project
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