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How to Find Investors and Raise Funds in Uganda

Credit: The Innovation Village

Uganda ranks as one of the global hotspots with over 55% of the youth owning or co-own a new or already running an existing business.  

Uganda has a fast-growing and vibrant startup ecosystem where entrepreneur support organizations and development organizations are designing programs that tackle and solve specific challenges that startups and young entrepreneurs are facing and bridge the service delivery gap within the ecosystem.  

In such a fast-growing startup environment and ecosystem, having a central directory where entrepreneurs and business owners can find valuable information about how to grow their businesses, raise funds, and find investors is very important.  

The Investment Guide Africa helps entrepreneurs in Africa get to the next level by providing them with detailed information about funding and how to acquire it and in-depth knowledge about the country-specific investor scenes. The African investor  database covers every single African country. Country-specific information is currently available for Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast,  Namibia, Sudan, Uganda, and Senegal. 

On 19 August, the Investment Guide Uganda will officially join the several other country-specific guides already created for Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Ethiopia,  and the Ivory Coast respectively. You can already explore the Uganda country guide here.

You can also follow the Investment Guide Uganda launch campaign on Linked or  Twitter using the hashtag #InvestmentGuideUG 

The Investment Guide Africa is implemented by the Tech-Entrepreneurship Initiative  Make-IT in Africa, a GIZ project committed to facilitating access to finance, skills and markets for African start-ups. In cooperation with the largest provider of investor data in emerging economies, AlliedCrowds, and the Business Scouts for  Development the Investment Guide Africa is continuously improved and updated.

How to Find Investors and Raise Funds in Uganda
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