How ADWrap is connecting Brands to a Mobile Audience

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, ADWrap introduces a groundbreaking solution that shatters conventional advertising barriers and connects brands with their audiences in unprecedented ways. Enter the world of Mobility Advertising — a visionary concept poised to transform the advertising industry.

Connecting Brands to a Mobile Audience

ADWrap’s Mobility Advertising serves as a dynamic bridge between brands and their target audiences, effortlessly blending innovation and convenience. With our user-friendly platform, advertisers gain access to a diverse array of transportation options, from cars to buses and everything in between. Mobility Advertising transcends static billboards, bringing your message to life on the move.

Empowering the community through our rideshare Drivers

At ADWrap, our commitment to empowerment goes beyond advertisers — it extends to our drivers. We’ve forged a powerful partnership with Delight, a technological trailblazer, to provide smartphones to our driver community. This collaboration serves a dual purpose: supporting data collection for comprehensive campaign reports and, more importantly, empowering drivers with a valuable tool.


In partnership with D.light, over 300 phones are to be dispensed this quarter alone

Providing In-Depth Analytics to our clients

Technology’s prowess knows no bounds, and ADWrap harnesses this potential to bridge the accountability gap in OOH advertising. Leveraging GPS systems, raw data becomes a tool to measure campaign performance. Data-supported results and reports lay a robust foundation for informed decision-making, campaign assessment, and ROI evaluation. ADWrap’s core essence lies in instilling accountability within the OOH domain, ensuring that your strategies transcend the virtual realm and make resonating impacts in the physical world.

Precision route targeting

Mobility advertising, a concept gaining traction in African countries, is reshaping out-of-home advertising. Your brand’s mobile ad strategically placed along premium routes in the city not only garners attention but also engages with audiences across multiple locations. ADWrap’s innovative solutions enable your brand to capitalize on this competitive advantage.

Cultivating Success: Our Target Market and Partnership Strategy

Our Target Market

Our mobility advertising services are offered to a diverse range of clients. Our flexibility in understanding the requirements of companies, regardless of their scale, underscores our commitment to accommodating a wide spectrum of needs. Whether the demand is modest or substantial, we stand equipped to deliver with equal dedication. Mobility advertising, being a limitless realm, has the potential to yield significant returns across various industries.

Strategic Partnerships

Our mission is to continue to build a new frontier in Out Of Home advertising and to continue to invite like-minded partners interested in reshaping the advertising landscape through mutually beneficial co-initiatives and collaborations. Together, let’s redefine the boundaries of advertising and create a future where every commute is an opportunity waiting to be seized.

The Road Ahead

As we continue to cultivate these empowered partnerships, ADWrap’s Mobility Advertising emerges as more than a solution — it’s a movement. A movement that champions innovation, data-driven insights, and the economic empowerment of drivers. Together, we’re reshaping the advertising landscape, ensuring that every stakeholder, from brands to drivers, reaps the rewards of this transformative journey. ADWrap’s distinctive approach is poised to unlock this potential, ensuring that our clients can harness the power of mobility advertising to achieve success across the board.

Join Us on this Journey

Mobility Advertising stands as one of ADWrap’s pioneering and revolutionary products. Our distinctive strength lies in our capacity to curate packages that are finely tuned to the distinct and individualized requirements of our clients. Furthermore, our enthusiastic embrace of imaginative collaborations continues to serve as a driving force behind our expansion. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with potential partners who share our vision, as we embark on a collective journey toward the future.

Mobile advertising is just a single facet of the products that ADWrap is preparing to introduce. Enlist in our waitlist as we approach the official launch of our website, and delve into the possibilities through which we can enhance your brand’s advertising journey.

To learn more, reach out to us at [email protected] or call 0785682103.

How ADWrap is connecting Brands to a Mobile Audience
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