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How to submit your NSSF benefits claim online

You no longer have to walk to offices with loads of paperwork to have your retirement and savings imbursed to you. It’s now in the past! If you save with NSSF, the good news is already here. The fund has officially launched an online benefits claim on the NSSFGo App and web. Members who qualify for withdrawal of their savings can now submit and track their claims without leaving the comfort of their homes!

Barbra Teddy Arimi, the Head of Marketing and  Communications at NSSF, says that the innovation takes the fund closer to their benefits payment turnaround time target, which is paying qualifying members within 24 hours from the current 8 days. It is available to all members who qualify for the Age, Withdrawal, Invalidity, Emigration Grant and Exempted Employment benefits. 

Members do not need to travel long distances to NSSF branches or spend time in traffic or queues. In a few simple steps on their phone or computer, one can submit their claim, track the processing status and receive their funds on either mobile money or bank account without ever leaving their home.

To access the platform, one needs to download the NSSFGo mobile app on Google Play for Android or visit the App Store for iPhones and the web application, then scroll to “Benefits Application” to enter required information and documents. Upon submission, a beneficiary is able to track the benefits claim until the payment is made.

Beyond the process being faster and more efficient, several checks have been put in place to ensure the security of the system, including asking for the bio data of the claimant, bank details, employer details as well as address, among others. 

Previous digital developments at the fund include the remittance of savings via mobile money, by both the savers and the employers, checking balances, and registering as a member or amending savers’ details.

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How to submit your NSSF benefits claim online
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