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SongBoost adds music charts for analysts, journalists

SongBoost is an airplay tracking app made for Africa. The app helps musicians, managers, and labels track their music on over 300 radio and TV stations in 8 countries in Africa. The countries include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Zambia, Ghana, and Nigeria. And you won’t move an inch! You will get all the analytics on your phone.

Effective this August 2022, the app now publishes music chart data tailored toward music analysts, journalists, and program directors. The 2 initial charts available on the website are the Top 40 Songs and Now Trending.


This chart shows the week’s 40 most popular songs ranked by radio and TV airplay data collected from over 300 stations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Zambia, Ghana, and Nigeria by SongBoost.

Beyond showing a song’s current position and artist information, the Top 40 Songs chart also provides the following insights about each song.

  • Prev Pos – Shows a song’s previous position on the chart
  • Peak Pos – Shows a song’s highest position on the chart
  • Wks on Chart – Shows how many weeks a song has spent on the chart
  • Chart Debut – Shows the position and week when a song entered the chart
  • Up/Down/Right Arrow – Shows whether a song is climbing, declining, or new on the chart


Updated on a real-time basis, this chart shows the most played songs over a 24-hour period. The chart is a great way to discover emerging hits that are on high rotation across radio and TV.

Beyond showing song and artist information, the Now Trending chart also provides information on the song’s most recent play showing the time and station where the song was last played.

The SongBoost team believes that the charts will go a long way in providing unique, objective information that can be leveraged by music analysts, journalists, and program directors to offer more depth to their audiences. Go to  and  to try the new charts out.

SongBoost adds music charts for analysts, journalists
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