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What is Huawei Petal One and how much does it cost?

Huawei recently launched an all-in-one subscription package for Huawei Cloud, video, and music services. The service, called Huawei Petal One, integrates the three premium services at relatively less cost when compared to individual purchases. If we are to compare it with what we know of already, the service is similar to what Apple offers under the Apple One subscription bundle.

This all-in-one-package includes Huawei Cloud Space Premium Package with 200GB capacity, Huawei Super Music VIP, and Huawei Video Gold Member & Partner Zone VIP membership.

What is in Huawei Petal One?

The premium music service in Petal One has millions of libraries with all kinds of audio and music, while the premium video subscription offers high-quality video programs and movies. Meanwhile, the 200GB of Cloud storage can be shared between 5 family members.

If you subscribe to Huawei Petal One, there is an option to cancel your membership anytime. Currently, Petal One only comes under monthly subscription, though Huawei could offer lengthy plans such as quarterly or half-yearly in the future.

To be mentioned, Petal One provides a multi-scenario membership service and can be supported on multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets smart wearables, and smart screens.

Huawei Cloud service

The Huawei Cloud service offers a safe place to store your crucial data. It automatically backs up the whole device and can be restored anytime very conveniently.

The service is also completely secure and has a ‘Time Machine’ feature that can help you manage all your data in a single place. Furthermore, all this data can be synchronized on multiple devices to manage it over different smartphones and tablets.

How much does Huawei Petal One cost?

The starting price for the Petal One bundle is $12 on a monthly subscription. As per the Huawei Member Center app, the Petal One will be available for early buyers between August 28th and August 30th. While full access to this service will be opened from September 1st.

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What is Huawei Petal One and how much does it cost?
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