GOtv and DStv rates reduced, See the new charges

GOtv and DStv rates

The GOtv and DStv rates have been significantly cut.

The cheapest DStv package (DStv Premium) which currently costs Shs280,000 will be costing Shs219,000 beginning Sept. 1.

Under DStv, there are seven packages, that is, DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access, Premium+Asia Addon and Premium+French Addon.

Premium+French Addon is the most expensive package under this Pay-TV company and its price has been moved from Shs410,000 to Shs349,000.

As for GOtv, the cheapest package is GOtv Max which stays at Shs39,000.

Actually, under GOtv, it’s only the price of GOtv Plus that was reduced by Shs2,000 from Shs28,000 yo 26,000.

See all the new Gotv and DStv rates below.


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