Top 7 Disposable Email service providers

Disposable Email service providers

In our previous article, we explained what a Disposable Email is and why you need one, considering the rate at which spammers are continuously growing on the web.

Many a time we get irritated because of spam messages that flood into our inbox from websites and blogs that ask us to register before we can view content.

Spam being more dangerous than ever today, using a Disposable Email address will compound this issue better than any other alternatives out there.

So, in this article, we shall provide you with a list of 7 Disposable Email service providers you can start with on your journey to temporary emailing.

1. TempMail

If you want to enjoy the anonymous email IDs then you should consider TempMail.

Temp Mail is a free disposable email service provider; no need for user registration, just go to the website or mobile app and get your temporary email address immediately on your screen.

Each time you visit the TempMail, you will get a new ready to use email ID on the clipboard along with an inbox showing in the middle of the main page.

TempMail doesn’t have a self-destruct timer. As long as the web-page is open, the randomly allocated email address is active.

TempMail tops the list because with it you can modify your email with a coveted name and you are still able to use it again when required.

2. MailDrop

MailDrop is also another great tool for creating temporary email addresses.

It is an online service, the new address will be visible and your genuine address will not be displayed.

You are allowed to cancel the email address from and make a new one at any time.

It does support simple text emails with no attachments. This tool comes with spam filters to block spam email messages.

Most importantly, the reason for using MailDrop over its competition is the reusability it offers and comes with spam filters to block spam email messages.

3. 10minutemail

10minutemail is of also one of the most popular disposable email providers that are very convenient to use.

It is a free service and your temporary email address will expire after ten minutes as its name. After that, your messages will be removed from the server.

Or once you close the Window, your mailbox will be lost. A different one will be generated when you visit 10minutemail again.

However, this service offers you the option to reset the 10 minutes should you need to use the temporary address longer.

To do away with these spam, 10minutemail would be a good choice as it is a disposable transitory email address that can be utilized to avoid spam on your real email address.

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4. Mailinator

Mailinator is slightly different from other disposable email service providers and has three versions that are available for individual, team or an enterprise.

In this, you have a persistent space and you can even set up your private domain name.

Mailinator only allows for incoming e-mail to the service, and gives a temporary outbox that can be used to send messages with a similar brief email address.

No signups are needed to use the service, which makes it convenient to use.

5. EmailOnDeck

EmailOnDeck is a web-based temporary email service provider that delivers the free and fast temporary email address.

It creates a temporary email address in just two easy steps; First, you have to complete the security system check of the EmailOnDeck to prove your human identity. Then the next step, you will be provided with a fake email ID.

This is certainly one of  the best temporary email generators and most efficient one

EmailOnDeck has also been starred on CBS news, FOX, NBC.

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6. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is absolutely free and allows you to send and receive email using your disposable email address.

You can customize the username and domain name of your temporary email address, or use the Scramble Address.

Guerrilla Mail also has a mobile app that is great with no advertisement in it.

You can use the mobile app to check messages directly in the mobile app while push notifications are enabled.

7. YOPmail

YOPMail is platform allowing free, fast and feature rich service that protects you against spam, phishing and other online maligns

You can use the disposable email offered wherever you want without constantly being worried about getting spammed.

It safeguards your real email from spam by offering you to use its disposable mail address instead of your real one.

No user registration required on, just go to the website and choose a username with domain name


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