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How to get started with Instagram Reels

Instagram recently launched its own short video feature called Reels. The new feature lets users create videos on the app, add creative filters and music and share it beyond their regular followers. Reels is similar to TikTok and allows users to create 15 seconds video with popular songs, trends, or challenges, which they are able to share in Explore, and also on Feed with followers.

How to get started with Instagram Reels

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app to enjoy using Reels. To check whether you have received the update head over to Google Play store and App store and check if a new update is available. If yes, install the update.

How to use or create Reels

To get started, open the Instagram camera and select Reels to start creating 15 seconds video. The Reels option is added to the Instagram camera just like Boomerang, among others.

After recording a Reel, you can simply choose the audience you wish to share your Reel with. You can record multiple 15 seconds Reels at once and different effects can be added to each clip. To add AR effects, open Reels camera, click on effects and then AR effects. To use your original audio to create a Reel, employ the ‘Use Audio’ option.

Reels can also be reviewed, deleted, and re-recorded if required.

Unlike usual Instagram Stories, Reels can be shared in the Explore section and viewed by everyone on the platform. This is possible for users with a Public Instagram account. The Reel, once shared, is seen and discovered by the wider Instagram community.

Private account holders can only share Reel to Feed with followers or as Stories or DM.

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How to get started with Instagram Reels
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