This online tool tracks the Coronavirus outbreak in realtime

coronavirus outbreak

The festive season in Chinese territory has been highly headlined by the coronavirus outbreak. What began as a controllable infection in the city of Wuhan has turned out to be a complete security threat with hundreds of deaths already registered and several thousands infected. Additionally, numerous travels and air trips have been put on hold to contain the outbreak.

As various measures to control the infections from spreading have been put forward, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have come up with an online tool to track and visualize the outbreak.

The website shows a map with circles indicating areas with confirmed infections across the globe. You can click on each one to get a count of infections, deaths, and recoveries. There are also smaller panels on the map with additional data like a list of regions organised from most to fewest cases, a graph of infections over time, and a list of all the countries where coronavirus outbreak has spread.

The tracker is constantly updated with the latest official information as it is available. A section of experts have expressed worry that the true number of infections is much higher than the reported total, but you can keep an eye on the tracker to get the closest estimates.

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