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How to use Binance Express Mode to instantly trade crypto

Binance P2P has added the Express Mode for buying and selling crypto with Nigerian Naira. This is in an effort to further facilitate and enable crypto traders and investors easy access to crypto amid the ongoing crypto restriction in Nigeria.

The Binance P2P Express Mode enables users to directly place an order by entering the fiat or crypto amount and the preferred payment method. The orders are matched based on the best crypto price available in the P2p markets.

The Express Mode currently supports the following crypto assets:

  • BTC
  • USDT
  • BNB
  • ETH
  • DAI

To use the Express Mode, users are required to pass the KYC identity verification with residence information in Nigeria.

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Recently, Binance launched a social payments app for African users. This new mobile app called Bundle serves as a social payment app for fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Basically, the social payments app is for the allowance of users to send, receive, and request either fiat or crypto. It additionally provides fee-free means to users for storage and transaction via a new digital wallet. Also, the transactions can be performed through various payment methods including cards, bank transfers, and Mobile Money as well.

It started in Nigeria and now is officially launched in Ghana. This means that users can now easily buy and sell crypto on the app in the West African nation. Ghanaians can now download Bundle on Google Play and the App Store to buy and sell crypto, and they can also save BUSD, send, receive and request crypto and Ghanaian Cedis.

How to use Binance Express Mode to instantly trade crypto
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