International Airtime Top Up service allows you to send airtime across borders via web

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Using International Airtime Top Up you can instantly send airtime across borders to over 150 countries and 370+ mobile network operators worldwide.

International Airtime Top Up has two ways of initiating a transaction – one is via USSD code and we’ve written about it before and the other is by web.

In this article, we shall focus on sending airtime online to any networks and across the world. You have more options and can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Mobile Money or International Top Up Card.

How to send airtime across borders using International Airtime Top Up

1. You’ll visit the website and on the top left side of the page (PC), you’ll see a ‘box’ asking you to ‘Select Country’ (See below)

2. After picking the country (we chose Kenya), the website will load a new page, showing you where to type the number you’re sending the money to and then options for payment methods.

As you can see from above, if you decide to use mobile money, you need to be subscribed to either MTN/Tigo/Airtel and Vodafone Ghana or MPESA Kenya or MTN/Airtel Uganda or MTN Zambia Mobile Money.

(In the above case, we opted for a mobile money operator in Uganda transferring airtime to a Safaricom number [see below Kenyan flag])

3. Below the above features (in step 2), you’ll see another interface prompting you to select an operator you are sending airtime to (in this case Safaricom) and the amount of airtime you want to send.

4. After step 3, you’ll see a ‘button’ at the bottom requesting you to continue and below is what you’ll find when you click on ‘Continue’

5. Here you’ll enter your Mobile Money number to send a request to your mobile money account so you can complete the transaction with your PIN.

In the above steps, you are able to send and receive airtime across Africa’s and the world’s leading mobile network operators supported with International Airtime Top Up.

Note: Towards the end of the transaction, you’ll be requested to register, and you need a User Name, an email address, and a password.


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