How to reverse MTN Mobile money sent to a wrong number

reverse MTN Mobile money sent to wrong number Uganda’s ICT sector

Did you know it’s possible to reverse MTN Mobile money sent to a wrong number? We’ll discuss that in detail shortly.

Let’s first walk you through these figures.

A recent report released by the telecom regulator revealed that there are over 24 million registered mobile money subscribers in the country.

The report also shows that in the last quarter of 2018, over 625 million transactions were done and over Shs18 trillion was moved.

There are now 184529 mobile money agents in the country.

But mobile money users also encounter a number of challenges. We’ve previously listed common mobile money scams and how to prevent them.

Today we look at another mistake people sometimes make when using mobile money: sending money a wrong number.

In a tweet, MTN has shown its customers how you can reverse MTN Mobile money sent to a wrong number or recipient.


When you make the mistake, the first thing you’ll do is to call MTN customer care on 100, or WhatsApp them via 0772 123 100, or use their social media channels (Twitter and Facebook).

If at the time of reporting your case the wrong recipient hasn’t withdrawn the money, MTN will contact them (wrong recipient) to get permission to reverse the money.

The reversal can be made within 24 hours from reporting the matter.

However, it’s important to note that the reversal can only be done by MTN when the unintended recipient hasn’t used the money.

When the money has been withdrawn, you’ll now have to face off with the wrong recipient in court. Read the reasons for this here.

In the above steps, you’ll be able to reverse MTN Mobile money sent to a wrong number.

Also, follow the tweets below for responses to some of the questions that you might also have.


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