How to pay OTT tax on Airtel Uganda

pay OTT tax on Airtel daily data bundles Uganda Woman on phone

There are two processes you can use to pay OTT tax on Airtel.

In one process, you only buy OTT tax on Airtel while in the other process you pay for a combination of both OTT tax and data bundles.

To only pay for OTT tax on Airtel, you’ll dial *185*2#.

Then select option 5, which is OTT Service Tax, then option 1 (For Self), then you’ll get the different denominations of the tax (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually).

Remember, it’s a step by step process; if you type all the figures at once, you’ll get a different result.

To buy both data and OTT tax on Airtel, you’ll dial *185*2#.

You’ll then select Data for Myself (option 1), then Data only OTT Packs (option 5) and this will lead you to the different denominations.

With either of the above steps, you’ll be able to pay OTT tax on Airtel Uganda.


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