Briefing: Why UCC pulled statement on Airtel 4G; Dr. Akonye named UTL auditor and more

Fixon Akonye Airtel Uganda Head offices in Kampala
Airtel Uganda Head offices in Kampala. Courtesy image.

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UCC pulls statement to protect Airtel

On Monday the telecommunications regulator posted a statement on its website revealing that it was investigating Airtel Uganda following complaints that its 4G network was not as strong as it (Airtel) claimed.

However, that statement was deleted from the website in less than an hour which raised eyebrows.

Now, UCC has revealed to the Second Opinion that the statement was pulled in order to avoid reputational damage and for Airtel Uganda’s competitors not to take advantage of the scandal to harm its business.

UCC says the probe is still underway.

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UTL auditor named

Minister of Investment Evelyn Anite has named Dr. Fixon Akonye to spearhead the audit into Uganda Telecom which has recently hit the spotlight for evading accountability.

Dr. Akonye is the Ministry of Finance Commissioner of Internal Audit and Inspectorate.

This follows a recent letter from President Museveni ordering Anite to appoint an auditor to check the status of the government-owned telco.

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Ugandan startup creates search portal for restaurants and bars

Sowani, a Ugandan startup that was among the winners of the MTN API challenge, is set to roll out an online platform where people in Uganda can locate bars, hotels, and restaurants. The platform will also list the prices of services offered by these facilities.

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Uganda to host third edition of African Fintech Unconference

Uganda will become the second country to host African Fintech Unconference. For the past two editions, South Africa was the host.

This year the theme will be “Collaboration for Innovation: Fostering Partnerships for Advancing Digital Financial Inclusion”.

This year, the event is offering a number of scholarships to early-stage fintech startups.

The scholarship covers the event ticket, three nights of accommodation, and return flights to Kampala, and is aimed at enabling younger players in the industry to learn from and connect with leading financial services and fintech experts.

To apply for a scholarship, fill out this form by August 9.

The event will take place from September 10 to 12 on the shores of Lake Victoria.

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