Airtel Uganda brings back Mega Massape with bonus on data and voice bundles

airtel uganda mega massape

Much of the hype that telecom companies in Uganda get in this era is from promotions. And the good news about this is that, it is always promo after promo – with lots of competition prevailing in it. The two big dogs, MTN and Airtel Uganda, have kept the calendar rolling and fans are loving it.

We had Yoola Amaja, MoMo Nyabo, Masappe, Sukuma Cash, Momo Nyabo Neera, Dabolo and now Mega Masappe reloaded. The two keep taking rounds at each other but one thing that is certain is that the customer always wins. Unlike in the previous Mega Massape, where users won cash and cars, the reloaded version is all about doubles.

How Mega Masappe works

To double your data and voice bundles with Mega Masappe, you have to dial *162#, and select 1 to know your target. Once you are aware of this target, you have to keep on loading airtime to beat the limit set for you after which you will then be able to double any data and voice bundles you purchase. You can as well keep dialing option 2 to know how far you have gone in beating the target.

Compared to MTN Uganda‘s Dabolo promotion where you have to dial *150*1# and purchase a daily data bundle to get twice the amount you have paid for, this involves more steps.

It is now becoming a norm for telecom companies to counter each other with such promotions that keep customers engaged and entertained while winning gifts and give aways. The Mega Masappe promo comes as an addition to the existing My Pakalast, Mega Tok bundles, and Data Blasta promotions which are still on.

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