Africell Uganda announces ‘New Chapter’, a new customer-focused initiative

africell uganda new chapter

After close to five years of operating in the Ugandan market, Africell is taking a new commercial direction. The company, in a bigger vision for the East African market, has launched a new strategy that will see it set foot on the lives of its clients. The strategy is called the ‘New Chapter’, and is a step forward in Africell’s journey across the country.

Topping up on the delivery of a new generation of affordable communication solutions, a reputation for outstanding customer service, and improved data quality on 3G & 4G networks; Africell wants to utilize the New Chapter to cement its continued commitment to supporting community welfare.

What’s Africell Uganda’s New Chapter all about?

Africell says that the New Chapter places the customers at the heart of its focus.

Part of the company’s plan is to enhance the customer experience by personalizing service and customizing offers. Africell also looks at increasing its commercial and social relevance by “undertaking a wave of new corporate social responsibility initiatives – especially in the Education and Security Sectors”.

The telco also plans to increase its involvement in technology incubation, in order to stimulate a more active Ugandan technology sector. As part of the New Chapter, Africell is committed to helping unlock the potential of talented and hardworking youths in the country. This will be through the provision of professional tools and work experience opportunities.

In this regard, the company plans to start up a signature internship program, to help bright students acquire skills required for future success.  The internship program will run once a year and last from January to March, with successful applicants named in July.

Africell also affirms that the New Chapter is fully aligned with Uganda’s national ‘Vision 2040’.  Thus, the company hopes to help Uganda realize the ICT aspirations built into Vision 2040.

Right: Neeraj Gala, Chief Commercial Officer; Middle: Ziad Dalloul, Founder Africell ; Left: Ziad Daoud, CEO Africell Uganda

Commenting on the New Chapter, Africell Holding chairman and CEO Mr. Ziad Dalloul said:

As a digital company, Africell provides a link between yesterday and tomorrow. In Uganda, our network gives everyone the freedom to be and do what they want. Ugandans of all generations and from all walks of life can shine with the powerful tools Africell offers. We listened to the young generation, and we are committed to helping them shape the best future possible

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