Zembo to sell electric motorcycles in Uganda in 2019

Zembo electric motorcycles Uganda

Zembo, an automotive company started by two French engineers, will begin selling electric motorcycles in Uganda in April 2019, SautiTech has been informed by the founders.

The startup will join a list of other companies, including Ampersand in Rwanda and Pfoofy Power & Light Limited in Kenya that are dealing in electric motorcycles in East Africa.

Zembo introduced its first batch of motorcycles in Kampala, Uganda in mid-October. It partnered with the ride-hailing company SafeBoda for testing in Kampala.

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Ricky Papa Thomson, a co-founder at SafeBoda, has told this website that the two companies intend to work together in more projects.

Zembo’s electric motorcycles are powered by Lithium batteries which are recharged using solar energy.

Electric vehicles are fast-gaining market reception because of their contribution to environmental conservation and the possibility of reducing transport costs.

Being in a test phase at the moment, Zembo says it can’t reveal how the motorcycles will be costed come April 2019.


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