Is the USB-C replacing the Micro USB?

usb type c cable and port

If you have been paying attention to new devices hitting the market, then you have noticed they all have one thing in common – which is the USB type C port. Most devices including laptops and smartphones being manufactured today are getting an additional type C port or only type c ports for some.

So is the USB-C replacing the micro USB? Yes it is. It is in fact replacing almost all connectors. Here’s why; the USB type c is versatile and supports a wide range of functions.

A laptop with a single USB –type c can support, power transmission for charging, data transfer to link to external storage devices like flash drives, video transfer to link to external screens, audio transfer for earphones/headphones or speakers and lots more. To simply put, a device with one type c port can support so much as compared to a device with a single micro USB.

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User currently buying new devices will have to buy matching accessories such as type c earphones, type c to HDMI cables, and type c to VGA cables in order to connect to other devices.

But if you already have accessories you with to connect to your new device, don’t worry – since the USB type c can support other connectors all you might need is a type c hub to link to your old peripherals. But in order to enjoy the advantages of the USB type c port such as the high speed, consider upgrading your peripherals as well.

But the USB Type C is not all good news, it has its challenges as well;

While it supports all functions, you will need to pay attention to the cable you use. Since USB-C devices (and cables) support faster charging than USB-A, you could risk frying your device. So, for example, if you plug a USB-A device (like a cell phone) into a USB-C port using one of these cables, the phone may draw too much power, frying your phone, USB-C port, or even computer.

The other challenge is that not all USB C port are the same or have the same functions. While some support charging some might not, while some might support video projection, others might not. You will have to pay attention to the supported functions when reading your device manual.

The other challenge of the USB C devices, it the fact that it is not yet the standard and you are going to have to get a type c hub which might be bulky and cost you a few more bucks as you wait for the world to catch up. But don’t worry, with all the capabilities of the type c, the world will surely catch up soon.

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