SafeBoda delivery services rising in coronavirus lockdown

safeboda delivery services

The coronavirus disease outbreak has heavily disrupted the transport industry, leaving many players with little activity. However, those that offer a variety of services have opted to offer the best available alternatives to keep business going and customers equally served.

Among these is SafeBoda, which is sticking to offering home delivery services in Uganda, following the government announcement to temporarily ban on public transport and private cars.

According to the company, they are making sure that their 18,000 SafeBoda riders and the growing community of entrepreneurs such as food and market vendors and shopkeepers can continue to provide for their families.

We are therefore making food and grocery delivery safe during this COVID19 pandemic and lock down. This is important to us because safety and community has always been our priority. In addition to this all deliveries will be free.”

Literally all the still-open service and product providers are relying on the app for delivery to and from clients since there is no authorization of any other means of transportation at the moment. The customers alike, especially the app users, are now finding convenience in using the app for household needs.

While everyone stays home and stays safe, SafeBoda is willing to be at your service for all your daily needs.

Craving for local food? Order on SafeBoda app by tapping the food icon on your SafeBoda app and search for Kyakulya. Your meal shall be prepared in minutes and the SafeBoda rider will make the delivery to you.

Fruits and veggie for Vitamin C and staying strong? Tap on food delivery, type shop for groceries in the search bar.

Thirsty, and need a cold drink delivered quickly to your doorstep? Order from Coca-Cola by selecting food delivery on your app, type shop in the search bar and select shop select.

Working from home and need to send a document? Use “Send” on the SafeBoda app.

Need to send money to a friend? Use “SafeBoda Wallet” on SafeBoda app to send at no extra cost. Select the ‘Share’ option and tap ‘Start Sharing’. Select a beneficiary, enter the amount with a note to go along, and input your PIN. The friend will receive the amount as cashless and they can withdraw it from any Shell service station nearest to them.

Need to shop for home essentials? Tap on food delivery, and type shop in the search bar, tap shop shell select.

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