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SafeBoda starts Vaccination for Drivers Aged 50 and Above

Ride-hailing app SafeBoda, in partnership with the Ministry of Health – Uganda and Kampala Capital City Authority, will run a free COVID-19 vaccination drive for its SafeBoda Drivers and employees at the SafeBoda Academy in Kyebando, from Wednesday 26th May 2021 to Friday 28th 2021.   

The drive is a continuation of SafeBoda’s commitment to its value proposition of safety to its community of drivers, employees and customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first vaccination drive will prioritize SafeBoda drivers aged 50 and above, their spouses, and company employees categorized as a high risk given the nature of their job. SafeBoda drivers below the age of 50 years but with pre-existing conditions will also be eligible for the vaccine.

We are proud to provide this opportunity for all our drivers in the SafeBoda community aged 50 to get the COVID-19 vaccine and are working hard to support efforts to curb the spread of this virus,” says Ricky Thomson Rapa, SafeBoda Uganda Co-Founder and Director. 

He adds that “Even with more and more people getting vaccinated, we hope our SafeBoda drivers take advantage of the available resources to make their health a priority by continuing to test for COVID-19 as the virus still exists in our community.” 

Since the pandemic outbreak in the country, SafeBoda has continuously supported Uganda’s efforts to combat COVID-19. It has been an active member of the National COVID-19 Taskforce, working with the Ministry of Health, KCCA, Ministry of Works and Transport, and key private sector leaders to support the efforts to combat the pandemic. 

In August of 2020, SafeBoda provided free hand sanitizers to all SafeBoda drivers in partnership with Prosan sanitizer to ensure both driver and rider safety from the virus. This was in addition to a series of sensitization campaigns on COVID-19 SOPs across the SafeBoda driver community.

Ricky encourages  other Boda riders and the entire community to continue observing the SOP’s put in place to halt the spread of the virus. 

SafeBoda starts Vaccination for Drivers Aged 50 and Above
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