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5 Tips to ensuring your phone battery lasts longer

Gone are the days when you could have a spare battery for your phone. So that when the one in misbehaves or gets wiped out, you can quickly insert in the spare and keep the phone running. The advancement in technology can now feasibly accommodate the non-removable power packs in most smartphones on the market of late.

But this comes at a rather high cost! You can hardly get a battery replacement if yours no longer functions to expectations, and if you are lucky to get one – it is quite expensive. Plus, environmentalists will lecture you on how much a disaster these gadgets are to the environment.

It is evident that having your smartphone battery last longer is the ideal need all smartphone holders have. We have compiled for you some tips on how to preserve and extend the lifespan of your phone battery.

ONE: Do away with fast charging

Yes, regardless of why you wish the battery to get charged fast, doing this often stresses it and affects its productivity. This is through using charger cables not meant for the device model, as well as employing mechanisms that pressure a lot of charge into the phone.

We strongly recommend that you avoid using fast charging and opt for slow options and methods. One of the better ways is charging your phone using its original charger or one that matches with its model type.

TWO. Don’t let your battery fall to 0% or charge to 100%

You might not notice it immediately but completely draining the phone battery or fully charging it stresses it. We recommend that you keep your phone always above 20% battery capacity and never beyond 90% (unless you plan on travelling and will have no access to power in a while).  

Actually, if it is within your means, always plug-in your phone when at 20% and plug-out when at 90% to use it.

THREE: Lower your screen brightness

One of the key consumers of a smartphone’s battery is the screen – which we know works well when bright enough. So, lowering the screen brightness will save you a lot of energy. We recommend that you use the phone’s Auto Brightness feature as this also comes in handy to effectively reduce battery consumption by automatically reducing screen brightness when in open light.

You can also save the battery by reducing the Screen Timeout time. You can set the screen to always shut down after 1 minute or even 30 seconds if you are not using it so that you keep it low on brightness.  

FOUR: Do away or turn off apps that waste battery

There are apps that consume battery as long as they are open! These are dangerous and you ought to do away with them or turn them off if you are to keep your battery in fine health. Make a clean sweep through your battery settings for such apps and delete, disable, or restrict permissions on them.

For apps you want to keep using, you can restrict permissions you don’t need. We also recommend that you opt for the lite versions of apps where possible because these take up less space, use less data, and effectively use less power.

FIVE: Always store your phone in a cool dry place

If your phone gets very hot or cold it can damage the battery and affect its health. It is appropriate that you ensure that the phone is kept in a cool dry place; one that is not hot, not cold, but in between there.

5 Tips to ensuring your phone battery lasts longer
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