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Opera testing the chat-service waters with ‘Hype’

With most of us getting accustomed to remote work and getting in touch via chats, Opera has come into the game too. The browser has announced the introduction of Hype, a new dedicated chat service built into the stable version of the Opera Mini browser in Kenya.

Well, this means that Opera Mini becomes the first major browser globally to integrate a social component that keeps you connected to the ones that matter the most for you. Basically, Opera wants you to browse the web, chat with your friends, and share fun images, stickers and links with other Hype users, all in one app.

The company says it has built Hype because younger generations of internet users are expecting more social connectivity from the apps they use on their devices.

By integrating a chat service into the Opera Mini browser, we are elevating the traditional browsing experience of users and make it more fun, more engaging, and more relevant. This unique and innovative blend is something that no other mobile browser in the Google Play Store offers.

You might ask, why Kenya? True! Kenya is the first country to adopt Hype, before anyone else in the world. Opera says they are rolling out Hype in Kenya “because we love our Kenyan users!”

“The most recent population census in Kenya reported that 75% of the Kenyan population is under the age of 30, with children and adolescents representing 63% of the total population. In addition, 40% of the Kenyan population owns a smartphone today. These demographics represent a very positive forecast and give us hope of seeing rapid and quick adoption of Hype among young Kenyan mobile users.”

Getting started with Hype chat service

Once you have completed the update to the latest version of Opera Mini, or have downloaded the app from Google Play, you can start enjoying Hype in your browser.

If you already are an Opera Mini user, check for updates in your browser’s settings. Once you update Opera Mini, you will see the green Hype logo at the bottom of the browser. If you are not yet an Opera Mini user, tap here to download the newest version of the app with Hype.

To set up your Hype account:

  • Tap the Hype logo on the bottom of the Opera Mini browser, or in the O menu.
  • Then choose your name
  • Add a profile photo that will be visible to Hype users.
  • Sync Hype with your phone list and start chatting with secure end-to-end encryption.

Create your own stickers and memes with Hype

Opera has also made it easy for you to create your own stickers and memes. This is with a unique feature called WebSnap. This allows you to take snapshots from the web, which you can then personalize with a set of editing tools. You can add new colours, text, and emojis, making every snap more fun and entertaining before sharing it with others.

To create your won stickers:

  • Download an image from the web directly to the Opera Mini browser.
  • Go to My Stickers in Hype
  • Tap on the + icon
  • Add or take a photo to create your own stickers.


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Opera testing the chat-service waters with ‘Hype’
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