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Is the iPhone 13 coming with 1TB of storage?

According to an analysis by Wedbush, as reported by 9to5Mac, we need to prepare our wallets and anxiety for some news. Apparently, Apple is working on offering a 1TB storage option for the upcoming iPhone 13. In case you need to know, this shall be the first time that an iPhone has any storage size over 512GB.

The claim is based on information garnered from Apple’s supply chain, which is usually a good indicator of final specifications. Apple should have seen the progress Samsung made with an increase to 1TB in its flagship Galaxy devices.

As of today, the only iOS-based device with 1TB storage options is the iPad Pro. And, there is a refresh of this coming up this spring, if rumours are to be taken seriously. We are likely to see a Mini-LED iPad Pro, at least in the 12.9-inch model, laid on to the market.

There is also a likelihood that the supply chain analysts could have gotten wrong intel, and the 1TB storage options are for the iPad Pro instead. However, multiple leaks also point at the iPhone 13 coming with more storage options when it arrives later this year. We can only look out for this.


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Is the iPhone 13 coming with 1TB of storage?
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