Huawei unveils its HarmonyOS. Here’s all you need to know

2nd June was the day, and so it was! Huawei has opened a new chapter in its software ecosystem with the official launch of HarmonyOS – its operating system. It is now clear that we have a new OS for Huawei smartphone devices. And just as much as you would love to hear, the software is tagged with “One as All, All as One”.

This slogan defines the distributed capabilities of HarmonyOS. It enables devices to collaborate and share features with each other without interrupting the user experience. Employing a distributed technology, the OS allows users to connect different types of devices with a single device and make it Super Device. 

Then, you can run every other connected device from that single device. You don’t need to open any other apps or access the devices separately.

Huawei says that HarmonyOS empowers Huawei’s full scenario smart life solution. It also works as a one-stop solution for five major scenarios including Smart Home, Smart Office, Smart Travel, Sports, Health, and audio-video entertainment.

The company plans to build the OS as an Internet-of-things platform. It aims at operating on and connecting other devices such as laptops, smartwatches, cars, and appliances. Huawei aims at having HarmonyOS rolled out on 200 million smartphones and 100 million third-party smart devices by year-end.

On another high note, HarmonyOS doesn’t rely on memory. Huawei says that it can run on any device that can range with 128KB processing memory and as large as 4GB or more. 

Huawei will start rolling out the new OS on certain models of its smartphones immediately. It will offer users the chance to switch from the current operating system based on Google’s Android platform. The company also welcomes other smartphone makers adopting HarmonyOS.

We shall update the article with more details as they come in.

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Huawei unveils its HarmonyOS. Here’s all you need to know
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