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Huawei launches Celia Keyboard, its mobile keyboard app

Huawei recently launched its self-developed mobile operating system – HarmonyOS. This is particularly to replace the Android-based EMUI with brand new software and user interface. Alongside the operating system, the company has launched a series of apps that take a direct competition to their Google rivals. The latest is Celia Keyboard!

Welcome, Celia Keyboard

Yes, Huawei silently listed the new Keyboard app on AppGallery and it is now available to download. Without a doubt, it is a big development made by the smartphone manufacturer and further boosts the capabilities of the Huawei smart ecosystem.

According to the official introduction available, Celia is a free keyboard application developed by Huawei. Currently, this app is available in 170 languages and provides thousands of emojis, cool fonts, smiley faces, and four simple keyboard themes.

Celia keyboard allows users to change the layout, writing mode, customize the theme, check clipboard, has a text editing interface, allows customization for sound and vibrations. You can even turn the entire keyboard and make it look like a mechanical keyboard, which is absolutely awesome.

in terms of input, the Celia keyboard not only supports Key Input but also supports voice and glide inputs.

Currently, Celia Keyboard is available to download from AppGallery.

The other apps that Huawei launched recently include such as Petal Maps, Petal Search, and Huawei Assistant. Development of all these has not been easy. However, Huawei has shown quickness in terms of improving its UI and features through continuous software updates.

Huawei launches Celia Keyboard, its mobile keyboard app
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