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5 futuristic concepts that WhatsApp should implement

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users, and it is not a doubt that it is one of the (if not the) most popular social media apps globally. There are so many things we would all wish to experience on the app, some of which come in gradually. But have you ever conceptualized what you would wish WhatsApp to implement in its future releases?

WABetaInfo took off time to share some of the concepts of the new features they’d expect in WhatsApp. Much as the company is not yet working to implement them, we find them interesting and believe that – once adopted – can make the app even more fun.

Let’s take a look!

Who can see my last seen?

We very well know that setting one’s last seen requires them to check on either Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody. How about if you wish to have just a few people having the visibility? So, in this concept, the Last Seen Privacy Settings can be set to a new “Nobody Except” option, so you can select contacts that can see your last seen!

Your Status Archive

There are those Status updates that we make and don’t ever wish to forget about them. Is there a possibility to have these stored somewhere for future review? This is what this concept s all about! We basically can have a new “Your Status Archive” option, similar to what Instagram already offers with Archive. When you send or forward an image, video or GIF in your status updates, it will be automatically added in your camera roll.

status archive

Vacation mode & Vacation announcement

Just as we love taking vacations, it is obvious that we would love it if WhatsApp implemented the vacation mode. Here, WABetaInfo envisions that when it is enabled, your muted archived chats won’t have to be unarchived when new messages arrive. And in the event that you forget any chats in your archive: Vacation announcement can be to your help with that once-a-day call out.

vacation mode concept

Ignore auto-downloads from muted chats

Sometimes rules MUST be followed, especially if they are set by you. We would wish that when a chat or group chat is muted, there should not be any automatic download of incoming media from them, regardless of your auto-download settings. Are we together?

muted chats concept

Hide online status completely

Imagine setting your Last Seen privacy to Nobody Except… and indeed, even when online, those that are not supposed to see you can’t see you. Do you get the idea? Basically, this concept is about having the possibility to hide your online status to contacts that cannot see your Last Seen. The online status should only appear when you start typing or recording in that chat.

hide online status concept

Do you have any concept that you would badly wish WhatsApp to implement? Feel free to share it with us so that we can add it to the list.

Credit to WABetaInfo for the images and content.

5 futuristic concepts that WhatsApp should implement
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