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Equity Bank Uganda rebrands with a new logo

Equity Bank Uganda has unveiled a new brand identity with the launch of a new logo. Customers that were used to the house with the bank name and slogan will now interface with a new logo that features “Equity” without an entity name. The institution says this is to signify a one-stop-shop and a consolidated business model for its inclusive range of financial services.

The bank has dropped the name Group, Bank, Insurance, or Investment, while emphasizing the use of word-mark  ‘Equity’ that makes them stand out in their commitment to transformation and regional expansion. It engulfs its product under one roof that includes; banking, insurance, and investment.

Equity Bank New Logo

The new logo for the brand incorporates the balance between the house graphic element and the logo type that makes it distinct from the previous identity. The adoption of a simple house illustration has generated numerous reaction as Equity Bank stand to mark a new phase in the implementation of their strategy to scale on their market within the region.

Equity as a brand celebrates 37 years of existence. It opened in Uganda in 2008, taking over from Uganda Microfinance Limited. It is a member of Equity Group Holding. In 2018, the bank celebrated 10 years in Uganda and sealed a partnership with Church of Uganda, entering the brand new HQ at church house along Kampala road.

The bank has seen its number of customers grow significantly from 200,000 in 2008 to 1 million in 2020. The new logo, they say, is a promise to customers and it entails enhanced customer experience, broad financial inclusion, and innovation to make  products simpler and better to use.

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Equity Bank Uganda rebrands with a new logo
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