Bad habits that are destroying your device


Having a device last more than a year with the same user is very rare these days. One of the major reasons for this is the continuous innovations that keep people looking out for new and better features that are added each day. For others, it’s because of poor handling. Some people don’t even know they’re mishandling their devices until it’s too late. Here’s a list of bad practices that could be damaging your phone. You need to changes these immediately.

Failing to use a phone case

Some people prefer having a cleaner caseless phone look while others simply consider buying a case as a waste of money. A good case with a lip around the edge is ideal and provides your phone with the protection it needs. Such cases help protect your battery from falling out and getting damaged by holding the phone intact when it falls.

Failing to use a screen protector

No one thinks they will get a cracked screen until it happens. A phone case alone might not provide you with the sufficient protection.  To avoid screen cracks, a screen protector is required. Always use both a screen protector and case to protect the outer areas of your phone. Keep in mind that a case alone might not protect the screen and a screen protector alone wouldn’t protect the other parts of your phone.

Draining your battery too much

Your phone’s battery degrades over time. In a few years, the maximum battery life won’t be as high as it was when you bought it. To avoid this, you should perform regular shallow discharges, and recharge your phone before it dies or runs down to zero percent. Keeping the battery above 30% helps keep the battery healthy as long as possible.

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Taking underwater selfies

Certain devices may be water resistant but there’s always a chance water can find its way inside. The more you expose water to the device, the more you degrade its resistance. The water may not damage the device right away, but doing it over time may destroy your device.

Using unofficial chargers/cables

Device manufacturers always make chargers/cables specifically tailored for particular devices. Each time you use a charger meant for another device puts your phone at risk. This could either destroy your battery, charging system or even put you at a risk of fire due to high voltage.

Skipping OS updates

Too many people skip OS updates because they think they do not need them or have limited data plans and keep postponing until they get Wi-Fi. Even if a user hasn’t noticed any issues with their device, OS updates are always made to fix bugs, improve security or improve performance. Skipping a security update puts your phone at risk of getting exposed to viruses and malware.

Using the phone while it’s charging

During charging, your phone tends to produce a lot of energy that generates heat within the device. Using strong software like playing games only makes this worse and heats it up further. Too much heat damages the battery and risks blowing up or causing a fire.

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