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What is PlayStation Plus and how does it work?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service from PlayStation that allows gamers to play online multiplayer games, download free monthly games, and take advantage of exclusive discounts. On top of all of that, there’s also exclusive access or early access to some pre-orders, demos, beta trials, and game content from the PlayStation store.

Plus, you’ll also have access to 100GB of cloud game save storage and Share Play. Share Play allows you to play multiplayer and co-op games with a friend or let them enjoy single-player adventures that you own but they don’t. 

The free monthly games that you have access to include two PS4 games and one bonus game. For the past few months, this bonus game has been a PS5 exclusive game. Naturally this PS5 exclusive will only show up if you own a PS5, the other two free PS4 games are usually great picks. 

All you have to do is purchase a PS Plus subscription and you’re good to go. You can purchase a PS Plus membership directly through the PlayStation Store.

To activate the subscription, you just need to enter the code into the official Sony PlayStation website or on the PlayStation Store on your console. Both are quick and easy. Once your membership is activated, you’ll have access to the free monthly games available and can download them immediately. You’ll also have access to exclusive discounts and all other benefits right away. 

How much does PlayStation Plus cost?

There are 3 different payment options for a PlayStation Plus membership.

  • First, you can pay $9.99 every month on a rolling subscription.
  • Second, you can pay $24.99 every three months. With this option, it would work out to about $8.33 per month.
  • Or third, you can pay $59.99 for an annual plan, averaging out to about $5 per month. 

What is PlayStation Plus and how does it work?
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