Jumia Uganda unveils the 2019 Black Fridays, running from 8th to 29th November

jumia blcak fridays

The month of November is usually a special one across the world. As scores await the festive season that comes in the following December, there’s a stop at Thanksgiving. In there comes the delight of gifts and discounts to shoppers, in what we’ve grown to know as Black Fridays.

This year, bigger than the other years, Jumia Uganda has again announced the coming of its annual November discount for shoppers that use the platform. The 2019 Jumia Black Fridays are to start on Friday the 8th, and go on up to the 29th.

Online shoppers and Jumia fanatics should be ready for massive discounts of up to 80%. These will apply on a wide range of products from brands like Samsung, Hisense, Xiaomi, and Nokia. Get ready for new entries in MeWe and Changhong that will sell off TV sets at mouth-watering prices.

What to expect at the 2019 Jumia Black Fridays

There’s always that one thing or two that Jumia Uganda has about its promotions and campaigns.

First, the crazy discounts are a must see, and the company is promising us up to 80% price cuts on products to be bought. Then, the Treasure hunts! The battle for the most enthusiastic shopper will be back where phones and TVs will be available at 99% discounts.

Jumia Uganda CEO, Ron Kawamara, stated that this is going to be the first Black Friday promo that Jumia customers shop from the site’s Global mall. To this, at least 1.4 million products will be available for one to choose from.

Additionally, whoever shops during this Black Friday campaign will enjoy the exclusive 14-day cash back return policy, an up from the usual 7 days. Also, you will have the option to insure the gadgets and products you purchase off the platform; and get warranty for a year on wards.

The principle nationwide delivery across the country, and the express delivery with in Kampala, will also be readily available during the period.

All you have to do is to have your Jumia app ready for the Jumia Black Fridays, and that cash saved so that you do not miss out on any of the action.

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