SafeBoda, Uber, Dial Jack, Pikime, Taxify: Who is offering the best fare rates?

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As a new week starts, we felt that it was important to appreciate you our readers by updating you on the discounts on fares the top ride-hailing apps in Kampala are currently offering.

These offers are always changing but we managed to talk to officials to get information on the latest offers. But don’t be surprised when you find something new by the end of this week or two days from now.

For instance, today the CEO of Dial Jack informed us that they had pulled the plug on one of their offers, where they would give two free tips every day to their customers.

Uber also was offering 30% discounts off every trip in December of last year (see tweet below) but this offer also been scrapped, according to the Uber Uganda country manager.

The ride-hailing apps whose offers were included in this story are Uber, Taxify, SafeBoda, Dial Jack and Pikime. Those that we didn’t include it’s because we weren’t able to find the latest information and officials were unavailable for comment.

But, that aside, we can agree that the ride-hailing apps mentioned above are the most used for trips around Kampala CBD and its suburbs.


SafeBoda is currently offering a 25% discount on every trip.

Dial Jack

Dial Jack, based in Industrial Area, Bugolobi, is currently offering a 50% discount on every trip.


With PikiMe, when you register to the app, your account is immediately topped up with Shs20,00.

Then, if you are using cashless payments, you’re given a discount of 20% on the trip charge.

Uber & Taxify

Uber Uganda says it’s current “price point does not necessitate further discount”.

Taxify Uganda is also not giving any special discounts. When we wrote to them, they replied: “For now , simply look out for our promotions and most competitive prices on the market.” (Taxify Uganda social media pages are rarely updated.)

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Remember, as you look at the discounts, you also need to consider the fact that these ride-hailing apps in Kampala have different cost estimates for trips.

For instance, when we requested for a ride from Makerere University Main Gate to Tuskys Supermarket in Ntinda, Taxify Boda showed an estimate of Shs2500-3000, SafeBoda (Shs2000-3000) and Uber Boda (Shs3500-4300).

For cars, Taxify displayed Shs5000-6500, Taxify Go (4000-5000), Taxify XL (10500-12500) and Uber X (7200-8900).

The time of requesting also matters since Uber and Taxify tend to increase fares during high traffic periods.

The apps are not available in some areas and those are new tend to be concentrated in specific areas. For instance, when in Nakulabye, you can easily get PikiMe while those in Industrial Area can easily get Dial Jack. (These companies have offices in these areas). Just as you’ll find a lot of Safe Bodas near the company offices in Bukoto Street.

App Service(s) Discount (per trip)
SafeBoda Motorcycles 25%
PikiMe Cars & Motorcycles 20%
Dial Jack Motorcycles 50%
Uber Cars & motorcycles Not specific
Taxify Cars & motorcycles Not specific


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