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Reddit Talk: Another Clubhouse competitor?

You know a product is good when the competition is stiff. That’s the category that audio social media is currently. We are yet to get the best of Clubhouse but the clones and look-alike are still coming in. The latest is from Reddit. The discussion website has announced a new feature that lets users host live audio conversations in their communities, dubbed Reddit Talk.

The feature isn’t available yet, but the likelihood of it working like Clubhouse is very high. We have already told you about Hotline, a Facebook product that is built in the same vein. There’s a lot more out there, it seems!

How does Reddit Talk work?

Reddit Talk should let you start talks for Q&As, AMAs, lectures, sports-radio-style discussions, community feedback sessions, or simply to give community members a place to hang out. For starters, only a community’s moderators will be able to start a talk. Once a talk is live, any Redditor can join the room to listen in and react with emojis. Listeners can also raise their hand for the host to invite them to speak.

Hosts can invite, mute, and remove speakers during a talk. They can also remove unwanted users from the talk entirely and prevent them from rejoining. In tests are ways for hosts to customize the look and feel of Reddit Talk through emojis and background colors. Redditors should also easily change their avatar’s appearance to fit the talk as well.

Sign up for the waitlist if you’re interested in trying out the feature. Reddit says they will let you know when it’s ready.

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Reddit Talk: Another Clubhouse competitor?
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