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NALA is turning into a personal finance management tool

For a while now, making transactions has been an easy job for anyone that has the NALA app installed on their smartphone. The Send button has made it easy for one to send out money to friends and family without having to worry about USSD codes and the memorization that comes with them. Unfortunately, this is now the past.

The NALA app has already shifted from enabling transactions into a financial management tool. With the new update, you should be in position to keep track of your mobile money and banking transactions.

Let’s take a look at the new features coming with the app update.

Full transaction history

You can now see the total amount of money coming in and out of your accounts. The app will relay a full list of all your transaction history – including the ones made using your mobile banking accounts, your cash flow, as well as a total balance across your accounts.

Categorization of transactions

The NALA app also now lets you easily add categories to all your transactions. This will give you better analytics – showing behaviours and patterns in your spending.

Spending pattern analytics

You should be able to analyze your spending patterns based on your transaction categories. With a smart transaction history and an analytics tool, you can track and monitor all your spending to help you budget better and achieve your goals.

Transaction grouping

NALA now lets you create personal as well as business/project profiles in the app. You can even tag specific transactions as either business or personal transactions. This will help you find patterns and make better business decisions.

Key to note is that the NALA app works even without an internet connection.

Update your app here to enjoy these new NALA features

NALA is turning into a personal finance management tool
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