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EzyAgric spreads wings, launches app in India

“Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea just how far you can fly”. Ugandan-based agtech platform EzyAgric, in partnership with German minerals and agricultural corporation K+S, has unveiled the EzyAgric mobile application for India

The app will come in handy to bridge the logistical, information, and service delivery gap by connecting Indian smallholder farmers to suppliers, buyers, and traders. Using the EzyAgric app, farmers should ably make their contribution to the nation by ensuring food security. 

EzyAgric CEO, William Luyinda, says that both Uganda and India have vast numbers of farmers with similar needs that the EzyAgric app can attempt to address. He believes that the new chapter in India is a continuation of the solid traction achieved in Uganda by the platform’s model.

What India stands to gain from the EzyAgric app

EzyAgric App is a product of Akorion, an agritech company that digitizes the agricultural value chain to deliver better production and marketing services to farmers and other agribusinesses. It serves as a one-stop center for all that the farmers need, right from garden mapping and planning, to market access.

Through EzyAgric, farmers can access extension services and advisory, most of which are for free. This includes advice on soil testing so that you apply the right type of fertilizers and carry out the most appropriate farming practices. They will be able to estimate the size of your garden (garden mapping) so as to estimate the quantities of the various inputs you will require during farming. This also helps a farmer estimate the expected yields.

Farmers can also accumulate points and stand a chance to get Ezycredit (agricultural loan). This will support them to plough or prepare the garden, buy seeds and fertilizers, buy pesticides, manage post-harvesting by ensuring best practices e.g storage. EzyAgric also links them with several buyers (off-takers) of your produce at the most competitive price on the market.

EzyAgric spreads wings, launches app in India
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