How Ugandan farmers can use EzyAgric app during this COVID-19 lockdown

ezyagric app

There is no doubt that by the time this COVID-19 period ends, our lives will almost have been rest to a new normal. Companies will have realized that they can do without certain roles, functions or departments, more technology adoption and rejuvenated industries.

People will have learnt new sets of skills and improved knowledge. But one thing will remain constant and that’s the need for food. Hence, the need to continue farming and practice general agriculture during this period is inescapable.

EzyAgric Mobile app comes in handy to bridge the logistical, information and service delivery gap by connecting farmers to suppliers, buyers and traders during this extremely difficult times. Using EzyAgric app, farmers shall make their contribution to the nation of ensuring food security.

EzyAgric App is a product of Akorion, an agritech company that digitizes the agricultural value chain to deliver better production and marketing services to farmers and other agribusinesses. It serves as a one stop center for all what the farmers need, right from garden mapping and planning, to market access.

The Agrishop feature allows farmers to order and pay for genuine agro-inputs from credible suppliers. Akorion is in partnership with the agro-inputs suppliers to curb the effects of selling sub-standard inputs. The company takes the logistics to get orders from farmers, package the suppliers and make sure it’s delivered safely to any client across the entire country.

How to order agro-input supplies via the EzyAgric App?

Step One: Download the EzyAgric Farmer App from Google Play store and Install on your phone.

Step Two: Register for an account using your phone number. e.g 0752XXXXXX. You will be sent a confirmation code to validate that the number is yours.

Step Three: Browse the list of agro-input supplies like seeds, fertilizers and farming tools. Once in the app, you can pick as many items as you wish into your shopping cart and pay at ago.

Step Four: Confirm the list of items picked and submit the order to trigger payment. Payment can be through either MTN Mobile Money or Airtel mobile money.

Step Five: Wait for delivery to your indicated location.

What is more?

  • Through EzyAgric, you can access extension services and advisory, most of which is for free. You could be advised on soil testing so that you apply the right type of fertilisers and carry out the most appropriate farming practices.
  • You will be able to estimate the size of your garden (garden mapping) so as to estimate the quantities of the various inputs your will require during farming. This also helps a farmer estimate the expected yields.
  • Accumulate points and stand a chance to get Ezycredit (agricultural loan). This will support you to plough or prepare the garden, buy seeds and fertilisers, buy pestcides, manage post harvesting by ensuring best practices e.g storage.
  • EzyAgric also links you with several buyers (offtakers) of your produce at the most competitive price on the market.

EzyAgric support staff are always on call to help farmers navigate through this difficult period and can be reached on 0787991262 OR 0758982759

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