Drivers set for ‘forced’ rest as Uber reinforces safety

UberAssist New Uber Kenya feature will be forcing drivers to rest during work time

By Business Daily

Ride hailing firm Uber has introduced a safety feature that automatically logs off drivers on the app forcing them to take a break from work.

The new feature, set for implementation in Kenya starting Monday next week, will see drivers who have been working or logged on for 12 straight hours blocked from accessing the app for six hours.

Uber said the latest feature is meant to ensure that drivers take a rest. This latest feature will also be implemented in phases.

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Uber’s latest safety measure is being implemented across sub-Saharan Africa markets where the tech giant has a presence. The firm rolled out the new function in South Africa in May. (Officials in Uganda said it would roll out on Monday next week just as in Kenya.)

We want to promote safe and responsible use of the Uber app and this feature has tremendous potential to protect not only Uber drivers, but also their passengers and, ultimately, all road users. Drivers in Kenya are already driving responsibly but safety is one of our key pillars and we believe this new feature will be adding one more safety layer,” said Uber East Africa General Manager, Loic Amado.

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Uber has an in-app feature that prompts drivers to take a break, however, the new policy indicates introduction of stringent measures to ensure that the lives of chauffeurs and rider are not endangered.

“Drowsy driving is an issue for all who share the road and can cause many road accidents. Uber is constantly looking at new ways to use technology to contribute to safety in our communities wants to promote safe and responsible use of the app by helping prevent drowsy driving,” said Amado.




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