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Social crypto payments app, Bundle, launches in Ghana

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In April, we told you about the launch of a social payments app for African users by Binance. The app, named Bundle, serves as a social payment app for fiat money and cryptocurrencies. It started in Nigeria, and now has officially launched in Ghana. This means that users can now easily buy and sell crypto on the app in the West African nation.

Ghanaians can now download Bundle on Google Play and the App Store to buy and sell crypto, and they can also save BUSD, send, receive and request crypto and Ghanaian Cedis.

The team behind the Bundle app says they seek “to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa.” The app has recorded exponential month-on-month user and transaction growth since April 2020. This includes having hit a monthly trade volume of $14 million in September.

With the Bundle app, users can trade and store cryptocurrency safely and conveniently. Basically, the social payments app allows users to send, receive, and request either fiat or crypto. It additionally provides fee-free means to users for storage and transaction via a new digital wallet. Also, the transactions can be performed through various payment methods including cards, bank transfer, and Mobile Money as well.

Supported crypto include; BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ether), BNB, BUSD (Binance US Dollars), TRX (TRON), LTC (Litecoin), LINK (Chainlink), WRX (WazirX) and BCH (Bitcoin Cash).

Currently, the app has close to 100, 000 users in Nigeria alone. The next likely options for expansion include Kenya and South Africa.

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Social crypto payments app, Bundle, launches in Ghana
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