Full list: How Shs6bn NIISP fund was shared among 60 startups

DJ Karo is a cofounder of Illiphant a video streaming service 60 startups NIISP
DJ Karo is a cofounder of Illiphant a video streaming service. Image credit: DJ Karo/Facebook.

At the time of closing applications for the second round of NIISP, on January 24, 2019, 665 startups had applied to participate in the project also known as National ICT Initiatives Support Programme.

This number was double that when the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance introduced the program in 2017. That year only 300 applied to reap from the multi-billion project.

The overall goal of NIISP, according to the government, is to create a sustainable ecosystem for ICT innovations and to support ICT innovators and application developers.

After analyzing the proposal submitted by the hundreds of startups, the government cut the number to one hundred.

On April 16-18, these startups pitched their projects to judges who were at the Ministry’s headquarters along Parliament Avenue in Kampala.

On Wednesday, at a function graced by the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, Minister of ICT and National Guidance Frank Tumwebaze announced the sixty startups that were to share Shs6 billion the government will be releasing to fund these startups’ missions.

This was a big move, considering in 2018, only twelve startups were funded. A little over Shs2 billion was released that year.

Each startup is funded according to the project it is taking on. For instance, UNEB Services App will get Shs250m while Sign Language Directory and Dictionary will get Shs15m. And you can see they are from the same sector.

The 60 startups were picked from different categories as you’ll learn from the list below.


1. Agro Value Chain Manager Mobile App (Shs70m)

2. eLunda (Shs74.9 million)

3. TraVel Uganda Monitor (70m)

4. Jaguza Livestock (100m)

5. Akellobanker (100m)

6. Omulunzi Information Management System (70m)

7. LivestockFarm-lite (70m)

8. Patasente (100m)

9. OWC i App (50m)

10. Constituency Farmers App (60m)

11. Akatale App (70m)


12. Mobile App for UNEB Services (250m)

13. National Education Management System (300m)

14. Mwalimu (50m)

15. Sign Language Dictionary and Translator (15m)

16. An App for Counseling University Students on Pyscho Social Issues (70m)

17. KAINOafrica (100m)

18. sTrack (70m)

19. School Education Management and Governance Platform (70m)

20. School Management and Business Process Tracking Platform for Schools in Uganda (100m)

21. Mylib (100m)

22. Package for School Management (100m)


23. MamaOpe pneumonia diagnostic aid (70m)

24. A-Lite Vein Locator (70m)

25. A remote temperature monitoring for newborns (100m)

26. MobiCare (100m)

27. Photokabada (38.38m)

28. Making health care accessible for deaf patients (100m)

29. Smart Medtech Management System (100m)

30. Open Platform for Hospital Management Information System (75m)

31. Comprehensively Customised Accounting Software for Clinics (80m)

32. Dagala App (100m)

33. Unified Medical Laboratories Sample Tracker (24m)

34. Yonja (100m)

35. Blind Assistant Application (40m)

36. SignTap (72.3m)


37. Young Engineers (100m)

38. Illiphant app (100m)

39. Electronic Document Management System (100m)

40. Education App (100m)

41. Multifactor Authentication System (100m)

42. eRegistry (200m)

43. getaplot mobile application (100m)

44. Soul food (63m)

45. Digital Postal Services Management System (100m)

46. MIDAS BPO LTD (100m)

47. ChapChap (200m)

48. BUCXS a Mobile application (100m)

Public Sector Management

49. HRMagic (100m)

50. SEMA (100m)

51. electronic Procurement System (ePROCSYS) (300m)

52. NAMS (300m)

53. Self Service Kiosks (100m)

54.  Nano Satellite Surveillance (36.1m)

55. REDAH (300m)

56. Legal Case File Management System (100m)

57. MyLC1app (6.31m)

58. Tax Returns Assistant Mobile Application (50m)

59. Clinic Master

60. IICS

Numbers 59, and 60 were not on the list of 100 startups that were supposed to pitch. [The total amount of the above figures is 5,464,530,000. That means the balance is to be distributed between the last two)

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