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Zoom releases SDK to enable building video-based apps

Video conferencing platform Zoom has released its Video Software Development Kit (SDK) to the general public. The Zoom SDK enables developers to leverage HD video, audio, and interactive features to “build video-based applications and desktop experiences with native user interfaces”.

In a blog post, the company says with the Video SDK, developers can drive customer engagement and provide new opportunities for revenue without being tied to the Zoom Meetings user interface.

What developers can build using the SDK

Social: Developers can integrate Zoom’s functionality into social media applications to create reliable and engaging communications experiences, such as on-the-go live streaming with interactive chat.

Gaming: Using HD video and audio and interactive features, developers can build desktop gaming apps that offer new opportunities for audience engagement.

Retail: Organizations can leverage the interactive video conferencing features to create unique shopping experiences that are tailored to customers and drive revenue.

Using Zoom’s Video SDK, developers can enhance their customers’ experience, creating applications and functionalities that reduce friction in the user experience, provide opportunities for audience engagement, and improve accessibility.

Getting started with the Zoom SDK

Zoom released a new ‘Buy Now’ option which allows developers to create a Video SDK developer account immediately. After just a few steps, developers can begin building with Zoom’s Video SDK in a matter of minutes.

There’s no charge to get started with up to 10,000 session minutes per month —  additional minutes will be charged on a per-minute basis from that point on. Zoom also offers an annual volume plan that starts with a $1,000 annual commitment and includes 30,000 session minutes per month with additional minutes charged on a per-minute basis.

If you’re interested in it, select ‘Contact Sales’ on the Video SDK page, fill out the contact details form, and the ISV team will reach out to you.

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Zoom releases SDK to enable building video-based apps
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