xclub app review

XClub app review: Connections, gaming and winning

Being part of an online forum comes with so many benefits, individual and social. But when it involves winning and gaming, the deal is even juicier. I have had the XClub app, an online forum by Infinix that lets you connect with users and developers; and interesting is an understatement for what I have found it to be.

Much as there is a website version of the club, having the app on your phone gives you the confidence about what to enjoy. Like we told you earlier, you can get the XClub app via the Google Play Store to join the family. The XClub community has over 20 miilion users engaging in discussion and sharing content on the platform.

There’s just so much to win. From treasure hunts, to prizes for every day you login to the platform. You have all the reasons to join the club. When setting up your profile, you can set up a topic for other users to follow, you can equally follow trending topics, as well as join chats on topics.

Interestingly, you can share your ideas and experience for your favorite content likes technology, sports and any other in form of videos or pictures with your followers. The XClub app also lets you keep up with the most recent trends on the internet. You can as well play a variety of games in the games lobby section where you take part in tournaments and win big. I tried out a couple of these and found them interesting.

xclub app

The other interesting thing about the club is the possibility to buy goods online using Xcoin.

Using Xcoins in the XClub app

Xcoin is a virtual currency issued by Xclub. Xcoin can exchange goods in the Xstore, including but not limited to mobile phones, audio, recharge cards and other items, lottery activities, off-line activities ticket exchange, e-commerce website coupon exchange.  You obtain Xcoins by exchanging from your Xgold in the exchange page.

To use your Xcoins, enter into Xstore, choose the goods you like, pay Xcoin to place the order, and fill in personal information. You will then go to the store or office to pick or wait for express delivery.

Win a brand new NOTE 7

You stand a chance to win a brand new NOTE 7 by joining XClub today. Go on to the XClub facebook page, like and follow it for more information. Download the Infinix XClub app and enjoy the lot of amazing things that await you.

XClub app review: Connections, gaming and winning
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