Uganda Airlines to expand routes, new planes arrive October

uganda airlines c

The progress of the new Uganda Airlines is impressive, having seen the inaugural flight take off late last month. Having shipped in two Bombardier CRJ900 planes in April to facilitate the revival of the airline, there is now new hope of expansion.

The latest announcement from the company reveal that two more aircraft is coming in mid next month and this will enable the commencement of flights to more destinations within the region. In a tweet, it was indicated that the Crane shall fly to Lusaka, Johannesburg, Zanzibar and Kigali this December; with flights to Nairobi increasing to thrice a day.

The start of flights to Kigali answers lots of queries from the public on whether the Uganda Airlines had failed to set off to the Rwanda capital because of political reasons or whether the existing competition in RwandAir was a hindrance.

With the arrival of the long awaited Airbuses also drawing near, we expect even bigger news from the carrier. In the future, Uganda Airlines will have a unit that sells holidays in different destinations. Additionally, the airline plans on internally handling the cargo function which is currently outsourced.

Uganda Airlines has a fully functional website where you can do your flight booking among other things. You can visit the website at

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