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TikTok Resumes: Applying for jobs on the video app

TikTok has launched a new feature aimed at encouraging its community to use its app to apply for jobs. Dubbed TikTok Resumes, the feature is a video resume program designed to support the app’s community members who are looking for job opportunities.

For now, it is a pilot mode in the United States. At launch, TikTok has partnered with more than 30 companies and organizations including Chipotle, Target, Shopify, NASCAR, Contra, and WWE that are offering multiple work opportunities.

How does TikTok Resumes work?

To use the TikTok Resumes feature, Open/Download TikTok App. Then, record a video showcasing your work experience or elevator pitch.

Post the video using #TikTokResumes. On the right side of your video tap the arrow, tap copy link to save your video link to your clipboard. Then, head to tiktokresumes.com to search for job openings accepting TikTok Resume. Submit your TikTok Resume link against job openings related to your background and expertise

When submitting your TikTok Resume, you will submit a URL link to your TikTok resume. Your video must be public for recruiters to see your video. We ask that you keep this video up and public for one month to give recruiters enough time to review your video.

If you already posted your video as private or set the video setting to “only me” you can convert your video to public. To change this setting, bring up the video on your phone and tap the three dots on the right-hand side of your video. A toolbar will populate on the bottom of the screen, click on privacy settings. Next change “who can watch this video” from “only me” to “everyone.” Your video is now visible to recruiters.

What happens after submitting the resume on TikTok?

Companies should receive your TikTok resume each week until the completion of the program. Each company has its own process for the next steps.

Some companies will email you to kick off the interview process. Other companies might reach out and request for you to enter your information into their applicant tracking system. If a company has not selected you, you might not receive any communication.

TikTok Resumes: Applying for jobs on the video app
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