Milima Cyber Academy passes out security professionals

milima cyber academy

Information security training firm, Milima Cyber Academy, has passed out over 40 professionals from its four cohorts that have undergone extensive training in the business of securing information.

Dubbed the Milima White-Hat day, the ceremony paid tribute to the dedication and impact/role played by Cyber-security professionals in advocating for information Security, data privacy and protection in a wave of increased cybercrime and threats.

Milima Cyber academy, an arm of Milima Technologies, was inaugurated in February this year and has continuously refocused its efforts to build the skills among professionals in detecting & combating cyber threats across all tiers of organizations’ infrastructures.

Milima Technologies was conceived with a vision of providing global standard cutting-edge solutions in cyber security, networks, software and web technologies to equip small and medium sized enterprises with necessary solutions to deliver at global level.

The company’s CEO, Emmanuel Chagara, urges business owners, budding entrepreneurs, among others, to build capacity for their enterprises to offset massive losses to cybercrime.

Cybersecurity is a synergy of people processes and technologies used to protect information/ data at every tier of system operations. With the ever-evolving cyber-risk landscape, cyber threats continue to expose business stakeholders. As business and government enterprises go ‘DIGITAL’, exposure to cybercrime has tripled giving rise to the demand of highly skilled professionals that operate and monitor IT Infrastructure.

At a recent guest lecture at Milima Cyber Academy, Mr Kenneth Muhangi, an Intellectual Property Lawyer and Data Protection Policy analyst, challenged the academy’s alumni and business owners to appreciate that Data is the ‘new currency’

Information at the disposal of institutions ably personifies individuals leaving its use at the mercy of the handlers who risk being exposed to breaches and cyber-attacks.”

Milima Cyber Academy’s administration urged the newly passed-out professionals to maintain integrity and transparency in all the practices to grow and nurture their careers manning the gates of IT Infrastructure.

I urge the professionals to remain conscious of the responsibilities that lie ahead; knowing well that this nation still suffers from a wide information security skills- gap and as such the role of combating the rising cyber-threats lies with them,” Chagara stressed.

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