How to download WhatsApp status updates posted by your contacts

Download Whatsapp status

Many people today spend a large amount of their time on WhatsApp checking out status updates posted and try to download WhatsApp status updates posted by their contacts.

People post captivating photos, funny memes and breathtaking videos that always leave your internet bundle drained out. Some individuals are so captivated that they end up in your inbox requesting you to send them the video you have on your status.

If you are one of those that fall victim to this, please prepare to leave that in July. Below I share a few tips on how you can always access what people post on their status without having to ask them to forward it.

But before using these tips you should always consider giving a heads-up to the person whose status you are planning to access because they (the statuses) are meant to be private and accessing them without permission from the sender is a violation to their privacy.

Starting off with the easiest and most effective way to download or save people’s images and memes is to take screenshots of them. Most smartphones manufactured today have this feature included. Taking screenshots on Android phones with Android version 6.0 and above allows you to select a few sections of the image you need as opposed to the original screenshot feature which exists in older versions of Android that saved an image of the entire phone screen. Screenshots do not even consume or require internet bundles.

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For WhatsApp statuses in form of videos, these get downloaded on your phone each time you first watch them. The application downloads and saves them automatically into your WhatsApp folder. These can easily be accessed by opening storage, going to the WhatsApp folder, then going to media folder and finally checking the status folder where they get saved. For users with a file manager application like ES file explorer, you always need to first configure the “show hidden files option” in your file manager settings.

Another way to download WhatsApp status is by downloading “WhatsApp status downloader”. This application always accesses videos available on your official WhatsApp application and displays them in a window for you where you can easily click download and have them saved. There are many third-party applications available on the app store that are dedicated to doing this.

However, before downloading and choosing to save the status, always remember that this status feature that auto deletes after 24 hours was created like that for a reason. And some choose to use it because they feel that their photos and videos are safer that way.


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