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Teach Google Assistant how to pronounce your name correctly

We all love our names or at least will opt for a nickname that we want to always be referred to. However, voice-first platforms like Google Assistant have always gone left when it comes to the pronunciation of some names.

Unless your name is pretty common, like Peter and Paul, voice assistants tend to have trouble recognizing or saying it. Plus, that problem gets worse if you have a name that doesn’t sound like it looks on paper.

Well, Google tried to fix that, with a new Assistant feature that lets you train the Assistant by saying your name out loud.

How to teach Google Assistant your name pronunciation

The pronunciation update has already rolled out, and it should add itself to Settings > Basic Info > Nickname when your device has it. Look for “Name pronunciation” and tap on “Record your own” if your Assistant is consistently missing your name or that of your contacts.

Once you’ve recorded how it’s said, the Assistant should be able to recognize it going forward. You can also add more context by spelling out how the name sounds alongside the recorded version.

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Teach Google Assistant how to pronounce your name correctly
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