What is Facebook ‘Quiet Mode’ all about?

facebook quiet mode

A variety of apps are now being designed to ensure that your health is considered too. In this, there should be room for you to take a break from usage in one way or another. Facebook, one of the most popular apps globally, is launching a new ‘quiet mode’ feature in an effort to help users spend less time in the app. 

The quiet mode feature is part of the time management tools that Facebook launched back in 2018. That tool allowed users to set limits on time spent in the app, as well as the ability to mute notifications for short periods of time.

How Facebook Quiet Mode works

With the feature, you can set a schedule for when you want Facebook to be available and when you do not want it to be. When quiet mode is enabled, the app mutes any incoming notifications and will discourage users from launching the app.

For instance, if you try to open the Facebook app while quiet mode is enabled, you’ll get a reminder, along with a timer. However, you can opt to disable or bypass the feature for 15 minutes. 

The new feature is a trial zone for the social media app. Facebook also wants to make more detailed usage statistics available using the feature. You shall be able to see details for two-week periods, and get breakdowns of time spent during the day and at night. 

Quiet mode is rolling out now, but it could still be a few weeks before it’s live for everyone. Facebook says it expects the feature to be live for all iOS users by May and all Android users by June.

Facebook mental health resources

Facebook is billing the new features as a mental health resource for those who may be struggling to cope with isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. The company also announced that it’s adding mental health resources to its coronavirus information hub, and that it’s making a $2 million donation to crisis helplines around the world.

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